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Defective or Damaged

We all make mistakes, am I right? Sometimes they're tiny mistakes - like forgetting to take out the trash, or leaving the toilet seat up. Othertimes they're bigger, like forgetting to pick up the inlaws at the airport, or not proofing the orders before sending them to the printer.

We're all human - and here at Aqua Birch there are no exceptions to that. In fact, we here are proud that we've perfected the art of making mistakes! So, in order to celebrate our flaws, we've added items here that may not be up to the perfection we require of our products, but are still perfectly useable. All imperfections are mentioned in the listing, and often have photos too.

These items are significantly discounted too. We're not trying to profit off mistakes - we just want to reduce our waste! So if you're a fan of reducing waste, and getting a good deal, then this is the place to be!

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