About Us

Aqua Birch is a stationery and paper goods company founded in 2015 by Laura James. We love creating on trend stationery and paper good products for the modern letter writer and gift giver.

About our Founder
Ever since childhood Laura has had a love for stationery. When most kids were buying toys with their allowance, she was buying pens, boxed stationery sets, and more. In high school she spent her days inside the local Papyrus just browsing all of the gorgeous goods.

It’s no surprise that at only 19, she started out in the stationery industry designing wedding invitations, birth announcements and more. Before the days of Etsy, it was all retail – but when she met her husband, an officer in the Air Force, owning a retail business was difficult. Though she has had transitioned to brand development, and has had quite a successful career, her heart has always been in greeting cards and paper goods. She went back to designing cards and selling on Etsy as a creative outlet in 2012, and launched her full-time line for retail and wholesale in 2015.

When not working on new card designs, Laura loves spending time with her husband and two kids. She loves anything coffee, cherry coke, and s’mores! As a military wife, she’s lived all over the USA and loves finding new and unique places in each of her new homes. Supporting local businesses is a huge deal for her, so don’t be shocked to find her at the local farmers market looking for all kinds of fun goodies!